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Compatibility lists for various lighting

Not every bulb or spot is the same due to do with the individual specifications of the light source. First of all, there may be a difference in technology: LED, fluorescent, halogen, CFL etc.
Another important thing is the voltage of the product. There are light sources that work directly on the mains (220-240V). But there are also bulbs and spotlights that work on a lower voltage such as 12V and 24V. In order to function, these low voltage light sources require a transformer.

When you feel the need to dim the lighting, then the choice of technology and voltage are decisive factors for a working solution. Some dimmers are not suitable for your lighting.
This is due to the difference in forward phase-cut dimming and reverse phase-cut dimming.

To guide you in the relationship between products, the various manufacturers have drawn up compatibility lists. This way you can easily find out for which purposes that bulb or spot is suitable and with which accessories you come to an easy installation!

Noxion Perfectcolor

Noxion LEDspot
AR111 G53

Noxion LEDspot 12V MR16

Noxion Avant LEDtube T5

Noxion Avant LEDtube
T8 Extreme HO HF

Philips Dimmer List

Philips Dimmer List

Philips CorePro

Philips LED tube
Compatibility List HF


Compatibility Lists with drivers for
led bulbs




Compatibility lists with driver for
led tubes


Compatibility lists with driver for
Special tubes